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Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics



100% Pure cosmetics are unlike any other cosmetic brand – while other cosmetics are colored with either synthetic dyes (FD&C colors) or minerals, only 100% Pure cosmetics are colored from pure fruit and vegetable pigments.Fruit and vegetable pigments are what makes strawberries red, blueberry skin blue and concord grape skin purple. Pigments the actual coloring agents, and they also contain all the healthy antioxidants and vitamins found within fruits and vegetables!

Applied topically to the skin, antioxidants have proven to be extremely effective in preventing free radical damage caused by the sun and pollution in the environment. Antioxidants do many things to protect and revitalize the skin, making it more healthy and youthful: providing UVA/UVB protection, stimulating collagen production, alleviating inflammation, and fighting against environmental damage and free radicals.

When you apply 100% Pure makeup, you’re also applying all the vitamins and antioxidants directly onto your skin, improving its tone, texture, and fighting against signs of aging!

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