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When our skin is dehydrated, our skin cells resemble a raisin and when our skin is hydrated, our cells resemble a fresh grape. Dehydration causes our skin cells to appear shriveled, sagging and wrinkled.  Hydrated skin is plump and more elastic.

100% Pure’s Organic Aqua Boost is a hydrating mist to be used after cleansing and before your serum and moisturizer.  The hyaluronic acid from a Japanese root delivers organic rose hydrosol and aloe juice to thirsty skin cells.  The aqua boost even makes your moisturizer work better because hylaronic acid is a humectant that draws in moisture to the skin.

Dehydration is the second leading cause of wrinkles (the first being sun damage). Furthermore, as we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity, making it harder for water to enter our cells, thus becoming more easily dehydrated. To cure dehydration and restore your skin to be healthy, smooth, and youthful it is important to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water, as well as feeding your skin with moisture from the outside. 100% Pure Organic Aqua Boost contains vegetarian hyaluronic acid, which has the ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, delivering hydration to thirsty skin cells and locking in hydration for plump, soft skin.
How to use: After cleansing your skin, mist the Aqua Boost. Follow with your serum and/or moisturizer.
Ingredients: Rosa Centifolia Flower Water (Rose Hydrosol)*,Cucumis Sativus Fruit (Cucumber Juice), Hyaluronic Acid
* Certified Organic

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