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We Love Sharks

Posted on January 5, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE
100% PURE Mattifying Primer with Seaweed Collagen

Did you know? A prevalent ingredient in traditional cosmetics is actually sourced from sharks' liver! Squalane is regularly and inhumanely sourced adding to the devastation of our ocean's most vital apex species.

100% PURE 2nd Skin Foundation

There are many safe and humane ingredients that deliver the same potency without harm, such as our Squalane, sourced from olives.

 100% PURE Organic Matcha with Anti-aging Antioxidants

We hope to spotlight this injustice and work towards a solution by supporting Shark Stewards who's mission and work is to establish key shark sanctuaries, pass legislation banning shark fishing and shed light on this important cause.

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