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Get Your Feet Ready for Sandals!

Foot care tips for pampering summer-ready feet

Written by: 100% PURE ®
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Summer is finally here!

As we take a few tentative steps outside to embrace the warm weather, a (terrifying) thought occurs to us: it’s sandal season! With so much time spent in isolation, a lot of us have missed out on pedicures – and may be in need of a little extra foot care.

If this applies to you, you deserve some extra pampering! But if you’re still not ready to hit the salon again, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick foot care guide to help you get ready for sandal season!

4 Common Causes of Dry Feet

Not Moisturizing Enough
This one seems obvious, right? Not moisturizing the feet – no matter the season – can be a big setback for smooth skin. Cracked heels, ashy toes, and itchy tops of the feet are all signs that you’re missing moisture in your routine.

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a common issue with the skin. When someone has it, it usually means their skin barrier is prone to damage. Itchy, flaky skin are some of the most common symptoms that come with eczema, and occur quite often on the feet.

Those who have eczema may benefit from over-the-counter creams and lotions in their foot care kit, especially those containing soothing, hydrating ingredients like colloidal oatmeal.

Dry skin can happen for a number of reasons, and friction is a big one. Many of us have experienced dry skin after wearing something tight and confining, like a scratchy flannel or tight-fitting pants. Socks can also fall into this category, especially if they’re tight or thick.

If you spend a lot of your day in socks and/or heavy footwear, an evening moisturizer makes an especially useful step in your foot care routine.

Athlete’s Foot
Despite the name, you don’t need to push your limits on the court or field to get athlete’s foot. In fact, you don’t even need to exercise! Athlete’s foot is a fungus that occurs when your feet are damp for long periods of time; whether it’s from walking barefoot by the pool or wearing sweaty socks.

In addition to redness and flaking, athlete’s foot may also lead to itching, burning, or general discomfort. Luckily, this condition can be improved with an over-the-counter medication, or even with home remedies. Tea tree oil, for instance, is especially popular thanks to its antifungal properties.

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How to Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready

Step 1: Soak Feet
When you go to the nail salon, there’s a reason why they soak your feet in those whirlpool tubs! A good soak is the key to softening skin for easier scrubbing and exfoliation.

Fill up a small basin or slightly fill your bathtub with warm water. Add about ½ cup of epsom salts; add 5 drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender essential oil for extra soothing benefits. Allow your feet to soak as calluses soften and the muscles in your feet relax.

Step 2: Scrub Feet
Scrubbing is the step that’s really going to make a difference in your foot care routine.

There are tons of tools and products you can add to your foot care kit for scrubbing your feet, like pumice stone and files – but we personally love something with built-in aromatherapy. Our Lavender Body Scrub uses French sea salt to buff away dead skin, while jojoba oil softens and hydrates. All the while this award-winning scrub fills the senses with soothing lavender.

Once you’ve scrubbed and rinsed the feet, you’re ready for the next step.

Nail_Cuticle Oil.jpg

Step 3: Trim Nails and Cuticles
After rinsing, you’re ready to trim your toenails for a perfect pedicure finish.

First, apply a generous amount of cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles. Next, clip your nails to your preferred length; make sure to trim straight across (and not too much) to avoid ingrown toenails. If desired, you can then go in with a nail file to soften the edges of your toenails. Be sure to swipe the nail file in one direction (not back and forth) to avoid nail breakage.

Then, take a cuticle pusher, and angle it about 45 degrees on your nail bed, gently pushing away the softened cuticle skin. Cuticles don’t need to be cut, so avoid doing so – if you do, they’ll grow back brittle and more prone to splitting.

Step 4: Moisturize
Your feet are thoroughly exfoliated, nails are shaped, cuticles are looking neat – now it’s time to moisturize! This step is crucial to ensuring that your feet stay fresh and sandal-ready.

You can use a moisturizer meant specifically for your feet, or any moisturizer with a texture you like. Just as long as it gives your skin some generous hydration! We recommend applying a body moisturizer everyday, and adding a skin salve or rich body cream 2-3 times a week for more penetrative moisture.

We have another little tidbit to share: our Hand Buttercreams aren’t just for your hands! They can make a lovely moisturizer for your foot care kit with scents like Lavender, Coconut, and Vanilla Bean.

Step 5: Oil
At this point, your feet should be feeling extra fresh and smooth. So while you can certainly stop here, here’s how to add a little foot care TLC: finishing off with an oil. This is an excellent way to ensure that moisture’s locked in, especially overnight. Use one that’s packed with antioxidants (like rosehip oil or argan oil) to counteract environmental damage that happens to feet in the summer.

Step 6: Finishing Tips

  • A pop of color is certainly fitting for summer, but if you’re looking for an effortless natural look, a clear top coat will do the job.

  • After pampering your feet, make sure to completely dry them off before putting on a clean pair of socks. Make sure that throughout the week, you’re keeping your feet only in socks that are clean, dry, and not comfortable.

  • Whenever you get out of the shower, don’t forget your feet! It’s easy to overlook them and let them air-dry – but this is how the cycle of flakey, dry feet repeats itself. After bathing, make sure to towel-dry your feet before adding an emollient moisturizer.

  • Finally, make sure that you’re not just taking care of your feet, but your whole body! Make sure to get plenty of sleep, hydrate regularly, and incorporate plenty of plants in your diet. After all, everything’s connected!

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The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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