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Essential Beauty to Pack for Carry On

Travel-size beauty to pack, no matter where you are going on vacation.

Posted on March 2, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®
100% Pure Jet setter products 4 pure products to always keep in your carry-on!


When it comes to TSA-approved beauty, we’re all about mini sizes that pack a powerful punch. Not only are these lifesavers small enough to bring aboard, but they’re organic, all natural, and cover every base for vacation-ready skin. So whether you’re heading to a tropical destination or hitting the slopes, don’t leave home without these flight-saving solutions in your suitcase.


We’re in love with this one-and-done beauty product. It adds the perfect pinch of fruit pigmented color where you need it most, and compliments just about every skin tone. It’s pretty much all you need to accent that well deserved vacation tan.


It’s no secret that flying dries you out. Couple that with hours under the sun (plus one too many of your favorite cocktails), and your skin will be screaming for a little hydration. This before-bed cream is the perfect remedy to apply before you turn in for those longer, red eye flights so you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.


Whether you’re catching a red eye or just want to land looking refreshed, reach for this antioxidant-rich formula. Coffee naturally depuffs eyes and increases circulation to brighten pesky dark circles. Pro Tip: We love to apply as soon as we hear that “put your tray tables up….” message towards the end of our flight so we exit the plane bright-eyed and ready for adventure.


If there is anything you need to double check while walking out the door....phone, wallet, passport...make sure you add Bright Eyes Mask into that extra short “do not forget” list. Anytime one of our employees is traveling, we make sure to drop off a few of these magical wonders on their desk before they head out. Recirculated plane air can take the moisture out of your delicate eyes (and face for that matter). As soon as we buckle up, we apply our masks to multi-task while resting (or working).

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