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James Wang

Founder and COO of 100% PURE®

100% PURE Founder James Wang

James was a junior pro golfer, winning most of all the prestigious tournaments he entered. He received many offers from top universities, and eventually graduated from Holy Names University on a full scholarship. Although James was originally set on a future in investment banking upon graduation, his path changed when learning about the serious problems that underlined the cosmetic and beauty industry. Inspired to make a change, James joined as a founder and partner of 100% PURE. Inspired by his father's business practices, who always taught him the value in producing the very best, he currently oversees 100% PURE manufacturing and operations. His father always taught him and Susie, his co-founder and sister, that you could always get anyone to buy anything once, but must produce the absolute best to get someone to come back again and again.

This belief of creating the very best became the creed of 100% PURE formulations and production. The standard starts with the highest quality ingredients. For example, there are many different grades of the camelia sinesis leaf (green tea): at the top, there’s the full leaf. At the bottom, there’s ‘tea powder’ (different from matcha tea, which is ground up leaves). Another example is the “first crush”: the first pressing of a plant seed which releases the majority of phytonutrients, and each pressing thereafter mainly extracts only triglyceride (oil). Our commitment to the highest quality starts with the best ingredients, before we go through our 9 step testing process.

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