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Wear Pink Grapefruit and Look 6 Years Younger!

Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, studies the relationship between smell/taste and physical, psychological, and emotional reactions. In one experiment, Hirsch tested various aromas along with pink grapefruit like broccoli, cucumber, grape, and lavender and found that only pink grapefruit made people view others as more positive and youthful. Grapefruit aroma caused people to estimate other people’s age to be about 6 years younger than their actual age!

A totally different study done by Harve Prince found that a citrus fragrance featuring pink grapefruit essential oil made women seem 6.7 years younger than their actual age, to the 75 men test subjects.

Several explanations are floating around as to why the smell of grapefruit causes this reaction: some believe the aroma relieves stress and makes people feel happy, thus judging others in a better light; others believe the smell jogs pleasant memories, clouding jugment.  100% Pure uses pure pink grapefruit essential oil in our pink grapefruit products, and absolutely no artificial fragrance or flavoring, so you’ll receive all the health  and aromatherapeutic benefits of pink grapefruit!

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