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EARTH DAY: Using soy and vegetable inks


Even though we’re firm believers in giving back to the earth all year long, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to not only celebrate Earth Day but to continue our series, showing you what steps we take at 100% Pure to give back to our environment.

Earth Day marks a day where everyone, globally, has a chance  to give back to mother earth. We believe in taking great care of our earth and all that we do at 100% Pure reflects this.  We actually use soy and vegetable inks on everything we print – from our catalogs and labels, right down to our boxes and ribbons. We love giving back to our environment as we strive to use ingredients that are 100% derived from the earth. We’re known for our Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics. This literally means we use natural earth-derived dyes and colorants. This goes with our soy inks, being non-toxic and non-polluting to our environment our oceans when washed down.

This is just another small step we take in giving back to our environment, how about you? Won’t you join us in giving back and preserving the earth? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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