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As a 2018 CertClean Clean Beauty Awards Mascara finalist, our Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara gives your lashes the glow up they deserve without any irritating dyes or drying additives you don’t. Our natural makeup and natural skincare products won’t do you dirty like conventional products will. 

With our face makeup, eye makeup, and eyebrow makeup, you’ll get nothing but the best natural, nutrient-rich ingredients designed to replenish your skin and delicate lashes with the nutrients they need to stay strong and look great with every wear. Don’t forget to start and end your day strong with the depuffing, anti-aging power of our eye creams for even more gorgeous eyes.

The Truth About Conventional Mascara

Mascara has the power to add thickness, length, and enhanced color to your lashes for eye-catching definition, but at what cost? You see, conventional mascaras can actually do more harm than good, drying out your lashes and flaking off into your eyes for dry, irritated, and red eyes you’re much better off without. In fact, many conventional mascaras are made with unethically sourced mica, parabens, preservatives, and Teflon (fun fact: Teflon doesn’t belong on your delicate lashes!). And that’s not even the worst of it! Many conventional mascara ingredients also include carbon black (you know, like the ink toner you put in your printer), paraffins, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, aluminum powder

..should we keep going?

Why 100% PURE™ Natural Mascaras Are Different 

Well for starters, we won’t compromise your health to save a buck. Unlike conventional beauty products, 100% PURE™ natural mascaras and beauty products are always cruelty-free and contain ethically-sourced ingredients. You can rest assured that the products you get from us aren’t tested on animals and don’t contain ingredients mined by illegal child labor overseas.

What’s more, our mascaras come in a variety of gorgeous colors for a flawless smudge, clump, smudge, and flake-free application. You’ll love that each and every one of your luscious lashes is coated with ultra-conditioning proteins and vitamins, while cocoa, black tea, and berry pigments give your eyes the color-rich they need to really pop, and always free from irritating chemicals or preservatives.

If your lashes are begging for a boost of volume, the Maracuja Mascara will pleasantly exceed your expectations. This specially formulated blend of maracuja oil, restorative vitamins, antioxidant-rich pigments from black tea, cocoa, and coffee create the dark and dreamy natural mascara colors you’ll want all to yourself.


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