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Lip Butter

Your lips are a delicate part of your anatomy. Keeping them feeling perfectly smooth and moisturized shouldn’t be a hassle, and our awesome organic lip butter ensures that they feel great all day long. The long list of harmful chemicals present in many similar products on the market are nowhere to be found in our own range, since we believe in only using the finest pure, natural ingredients.

Our range of natural fruit flavors is sure to suit any taste, so whether strawberry is your favorite or you’d prefer an antioxidant-rich pomegranate, we’ve got something you’ll love. With an ultra-moisturizing base of organic avocado and shea/cocoa butters, our natural lip butter will leave your lips feeling nourished and soft while infusing your skin with healthy vitamins. They’ll also give you some vibrant color to accentuate one of your best features.

We’re completely confident you’ll love our lip butter, just like any product we put our name on, and we’re willing to give you our 100% PURE promise that if you don’t love it, we’ll replace it with something else or refund you - even if it’s partly used. With 100% free shipping on all orders, you might still be looking for the catch, but there isn’t one!

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