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Natural Hair Gloss Products

100% PURE™ Natural Hair Gloss Products

For the natural hair gloss products that promote smoother strands and easier styling for natural and colored hair, 100% PURE™ has what you need, and always cruelty-free. Unlike conventional hair gloss products that use dangerous chemicals and fragrances, 100% PURE™ hair repair products and natural hair treatments use the power of natural, hydrating botanicals, ultra-moisturizing oils and nutrient-dense vitamins to restore your hair to its former (shiny) glory.

Natural Shampoos & Conditioners

These days our self care routines have taken a back seat to our busy everyday lives. That’s why we’ve created natural hair gloss products made from powerful natural ingredients that give your hair the support and love it needs without down time or special treatments. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a hair gloss product in the form of clean, ethical and effective shampoos and conditioners.

Our natural shampoos and natural hair conditioners help you achieve that glorious shine and luster of strong and healthy hair in the time it takes to shower. 

Made with ultra-hydrating seaweed collagen and essential nutrients, our Glossing Shampoo restores your hair’s natural shine and vibrancy with a hand-picked infusion of green apple, sake and apple cider vinegar. Plus, it’s sulfate free, so you’ll keep your natural moisture for a healthier, more hydrated scalp. With clean, shampooed hair, give your hair the VIP treatment and lock in your hairs newfound hydration by leaving the Glossing Conditioner in for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with cool water and be on with your day with bouncy, vibrant hair you’re proud to show off.

We demand a lot out of our hair. Between the blow drying, color treatments, flat irons, curling irons, pony tails and hot showers, it certainly deserves more of the natural hair products that treat it with some respect. That’s why 100% PURE™ Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Shampoo makes it easy to wash away excess oil while giving your hair the vibrant shine, bounce and life it’s dreamed of for so long. Gently cleansing coconut foam works with the degreasing power of yuzu and pomelo citrus to free your hair of dulling buildup. Meanwhile, provitamin B5 and sea kelp enhance your hair’s volume and promote hair growth. And the best part? All you’ve got to do is gently massage it into your scalp and rinse with lukewarm water to receive the benefits. Finish up with Yuzu and Pomelo Glossing Conditioner for silky, shiny and strong hair free from tangles or harsh chemicals.


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