7 Essential Steps for Showing Hair You Love It

Maximize your natural hair care routine with product, lifestyle, and technique tips

Written by: 100% PURE ®
Jan 24, 2020 // 100% PURE®

Most of us approach hair care with only the basic maintenance: shampooing and conditioning. Perhaps you occasionally finish with a serum or hair oil – or if you’re really feeling fancy, a hair mask. On an average day, that’s about the extent of our hair care regimen.

Sure, this is perfectly acceptable hair maintenance… but do you feel like your hair knows that you love it? Happy hair unquestionably equates to healthy hair, so show hair you love it with these essential natural hair care tips!

1. Administer a Scalp Massage While Shampooing

Scalp massages are a bit more gentle than your average neck or back massage, and should only involve your fingertips. A scalp massage in the shower is a great way to relieve tension while promoting healthy hair growth and improved shine.

One 2016 study showed that subjects who had regular scalp massages tended to have thicker hair, while further research from 2019 supports these findings. They expanded the research by observing that in the long run, regular scalp massages may even help prevent hair loss.

Here’s how to practice self-love with a simple scalp massage:

  1. Start by lathering shampoo into your hands. It’s recommended to use a high-quality, plant-based formula like our Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo.

  2. Focus your fingertips on the front part of your skull, where the hairline begins. Massage in gentle, circular movements.

  3. Gradually migrate your fingertips towards the crown of your head, while promoting circulation with continuous small, circular motions.

  4. Once the scalp is nicely stimulated, place each hand palm-down on top of your head. Gently massage the scalp with your thumb and forefinger, working back towards the hairline.

  5. To finish, comb fingers into the hairline until palms lay flat against your head. Glide your hands back to the crown and down the back of your head, repeating as many times as you desire.

2. Wear a Hat or Scarf on Windy Days

Feeling the wind in your can be nice – but some winds are strong enough to get your locks hopelessly tangled. Whether you’re hiking on a winter afternoon or riding in your friend’s car with the top down, be sure to keep hair covered in order to prevent breakage.

If you know it’s going to be a windy day, pull your hair into a braid or simply cover it up. A quick up-do can do wonders for preventing tangles and damage! If your hair is too short or if you’re crunched for time, a scarf or hat will certainly do the trick.

3. Conditioning is Key

By now, we should all know that conditioning is key for keeping a healthy, moisturized head of hair. Shampoos effectively remove grease and sebum from the scalp, but even the gentlest natural hair care formulas can damage the hair cuticle if they aren’t reinforced with moisture.

Conditioner is essential hair-apy in our book. These moisturizing formulas restore hair by smoothing out the cuticle of each strand while enhancing shine and elasticity. Not only does conditioning help ease the effects of super-cleansing shampoos, it also protects your hair from environmental damage throughout the day.

We always recommend high-quality shampoos derived from plant-based ingredients; our Yuzu & Pomelo Glossing Conditioner uses botanicals and vitamins to restore strength and softness. Plus, it packs the revitalizing aroma of yuzu and pomelo, which will uplift the senses and stimulate the scalp.

However, if you need some intensive hair replenishment, we suggest trying a hair mask. These are left on the hair for a longer period of time, offering more concentrated hydrating properties.

Quick DIY hair mask:

  • Start with 2 parts olive or coconut oil and 1 part Argan Oil. After combining the two oils, heat them until they’re just hotter than lukewarm.

  • Massage the mask mixture into dry hair, making sure that it saturates every strand from root to tip. Wrap hair in a towel or scarf, and allow the properties of this mask to restore and hydrate your locks.

  • Follow this step by shampooing and conditioning as you normally would; those with particularly oily or greasy hair may need to shampoo an additional time.

4. Switch to a Softer Pillowcase

Beauty sleep is when your hair and skin repairs itself, so why not get the most out of this precious time frame?

Pillowcases made with rougher materials like flannel or cotton can cause unwanted friction on your hair shafts as you toss and turn through the night, leading to frizz and tangles when you wake up. Sleeping with your head on a high thread count or silk pillowcase is far better for your hair. Smooth and silky fabrics have a finer texture that won’t catch your hair.

PRO TIP: Silk isn’t vegan – so what’s a girl to do? Try a vegan silk pillowcase made from synthetic materials, like this one from Shine by Night.

5. Use Scrunchies

Step 5 follows pretty much the same natural hair care philosophy as step 4: certain fabrics can drag and tug your hair, which can cause tangles and breakage. Scrunchies in general are much better for hair than hair elastics, as the extra folds of fabric in a scrunchie prevent hair from becoming caught or knotted.

In fact, experts say that the best way for long-haired ladies to sleep is with a loose bun tied atop the head with a silk scrunchie. Ponytails mean loose locks while you sleep and more tangles, and a low bun at the nape of your neck may interrupt the comfort of your sleep.

It’s great news, then, that scrunchies are making a comeback as a hair accessory! Try incorporating more scrunchies into your hair styling, and if you can find some made from synthetic silk, all the better!

6. Consume Protein & Biotin-Rich Foods

Protein is a vital macronutrient in the human body, not only for supporting muscles and preserving tissues, but also for maintaining hair. Hair follicles are made up largely of protein, and a severe lack of protein can lead to hair loss.

It’s also important to include biotin in your diet, as an abundance of this vitamin may promote hair thickness. Studies show that taking a biotin supplement can support hair thickness and fullness while preventing hair loss.

You can find healthy sources of plant-based protein from an ever-increasing selection of plant-based protein including lentils, tempeh, seitan, and beans. Plant-based foods which are rich in biotin include sweet potatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.

7. Add a Hair Serum

Much like how a hair mask restores hydration to the hair, a serum can replenish the hair with vitamins to promote healthy hair growth. A high-quality natural hair care serum can strengthen your strands with healthy vitamins, while smoothing and promoting shine without weighing it down.

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