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Purity Hydrating Lotion


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Purity Hydrating Lotion has a rating of 4.1 stars based on 46 reviews.

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This + purity spot treatment

I've been using the purity spot treatment that replaced my Aczone Gel(the chemical ingredients were so strong my face would always flush and feeling hot). My dermatologist prescribed me Finacea Foam to moisturize around targeted areas of my acne scars and where I break out on my face; however, it was literally $300 for the same size as the 100 percent pure's purity hydrating lotion. The finacea foam ruined my skin even more making it feel so thin while the aczone gel always burns my face. When I founded the purity spot treatment, I gave it two weeks to see results and I feel in love with it because it doesn't irritate my skin and also doesn't contain certain natural ingredients that I'm unfortunately allergic to(avacado/nuts). I then bought this hydrating lotion to use after I applied my spot treatment and these two products work amazing with each other. A lot of people may not like it because it's "watery" and how it splattered when they opened it; 1)you have to give it a good shake before opening it(carefully) and then apply to the face. 2)after applying it I would use the heat of my fingers to lock in the moisture by using my fingers to press it in- not the palm/ the whole hand. 3)if you feel your skin is a bit dry after applying it, use a hydrosol or toner to spray it on the face or on the fingers again then pressing it gently but firmly onto the face to really lock in moisture

Tammy S.

Great product

I have enjoyed using this product. I'm in my early 30's and continue to have breakouts that are stress, diet, and hormone related. I feel that this product, and only a small amount is needed, in combination with healthy self care is a good combo for healthy skin with fewer breakouts. I have also been using this kind of in place of the acne spot treatment when it is out of stock. I'm glad I ordered this lotion. I believe I will continue to use this product in combination with another of Pure's moisturizer especially during the winter months.

Anastasia I.

Purity lotion

I have been using this lotion for about a week, and it's wonderful. It keeps my face hydrated and it prevents breakouts. I follow with mattifying primer and BB cream.

Tara C.

Aging, lily, cystic acne and sun damaged?

I've struggled with cystic hormonal acne forever! I'm 44 years old and have tried everything from Gunilla of Sweden which has parabens, to proactive to retin-a to cleansing herbs and coconut oil washes. Though I still get hormonal painful cysts, this moisturizer leaves my skin soft and matte. I use the mattifying primer after that before healthy skin foundation and all of the products together keep me from having to blot my skin constantly. The moisturizer has little flecks and bits that I'm not a fan of as it can get stuck in your hairline and leave bits that you have to pick off, but it soothes all irritations and really heals, does not sting and I love it. The only thing about 100 percent pure products is the price tag☹️️ I wish I had the funds to keep up a routine or if they sold the purity collection in a more affordable bundle, I would be purchasing that! I also haven't been able to purchase the face wash/scrub online. Out of stock.:pensive: At the end of the day, I love 100 percent pure and am a cancer survivor so these products are crucial for my continued health!:heartpulse:

Kayla C.

Not my favorite- I would recommend...

I have had acne problems since high school and I'm in my late 20's now. For this lotion I didn't hate it, but I also didn't love it. The consistency isn't my favorite- kind of liquidy/less creamy. I think it tended to dry my skin out more. I would actually recommend a different 100% pure product that I am in LOVE with. It is their Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask. Now THAT stuff is what a moisturizer should be. I put it on after washing my face with the matcha green tea cleansing foam and my skin has never looked and felt better! So maybe consider that moisturizer instead of this purity lotion to help your acne prone skin. That's just my opinion ;]

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