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Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate


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Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate
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Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate has a rating of 4.1 stars based on 120 reviews.

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Catherine K.
United States

Non-irritating and natural

I had a bit of a learning curve with this mascara, but I'm struggling with eye allergies and dermatitis and I've succesfully used this for about 2 weeks! I have somewhat hooded eyes so need to tip my chin up so I don't catch my orbital bone. I also need to be still and allow the somewhat wet formula to dry. I don't do my lower lash line except maybe on the outer corners occasionally. I really have to get out of the habit of rubbing my eyes because it will flake. But, with good habits and a little finesse it's really nice! I picked the brown, which is very natural, but I will likely add black to my arsenal next time around.

T R.
United States


Dry ,flaky , doesn't even go on lashes, left flakes all over my White marble and flakes on my face.waste of $$$. I usually get ultra length formula, but they were out of stock. This formula sicks


100% PURE

Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and thoughts and we are so sorry that it did not work out for you. Luckily we have a great return policy and you are able to return it for a full refund if it's still within the 30-day window.


The Absolute Best Mascara!!!

This mascara does it all: lengthens, volumizes, will not clump, non-irritating, and is actually good for your lashes. The best part of all, it smells like chocolate! Please don't ever stop making this product. This will always be my go-to mascara for all makeup application.

Erin M.

Best Naked Lash Look Ever Imaginable - Absolute No Clumping, Stays Long Lasting, Must Purchase Chocolate Trio Set (Mascara + Liquid Liner + Pencil)

Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara, I was almost convinced was way better in my opinion, in love with (Fruit Pigmented), in every color! Noticed this one washes off much easier. The brush pretty big, who uses this kind anymore ladies? Maybe the brush is for a great reason, just saw other reviews so it was on my review to comment too. Dual purpose stays on well and comes off well. Looks like you really do not have much on, compared to the SF version if you really want it to last for a long time, my fruit pigmented ones I added Essential Oil like Lavender DoTerra so I could stretch them for 3 to 6 months or more with quality investment. (Lavender makes lashes grow longer and disinfects too) I would like to see 3 colors in a value pack regularly to have a reason to buy 3, or on special for spring/summer. I was buying Tarte before I knew about this for $10 bucks with no issues but I really ENJOY THIS MUCH BETTER, just sometimes had to only pay for the sale price there if really had to buy some. For summer we really should have a more water proof somewhat version or swimming if that is even possible with the natural secrets these days?! Packaging in silver is so easy to find where I placed it for travel, so neat of a design looks like a mirror with flower design, do not change that just the brush may need to be changed. I was so excited to try the Maracuja oil. When writing this review, I just thought of how it really comes off so much easier, than the other Fruit Pigmented one, lengthening is much more definition and thicker plus longer. This color stays on that nice not to rub off during the winter, all was removed with cleaner and pure brush, in circles on eyelids WITHOUT A WASHCLOTH. I really was tired of using washcloths, and wanted to find such quality mascara to improve my lashes. This in either type is so much better it is not even a question to any other brand of mascara! I was spoiled by years for using the other pure fruits version, so had to really get used to this one. Please continue to make face cleaners that remove this, I have dry skin for the first time this winter and was using the Matcha Green Tea to remove this when it came off so easy as a tip, and the brush was so worth it for the little mini wash one with string handle, the curve is such a neat design. *No Clumps*No Coon Eyes* Great Non-Makeup Look for natural light feathery look on lashes, not heavy at all, looks like naked with real definition coating each lash with a real look, wish this would give a lift and length as an upgrade and it may win me over the SuperFruits, my husband loves the all natural chocolate look at so do I, so many can wear black. So many stars for offering this chocolate color. I would highly recommend this as it is really a natural look with the chocolate liquid liner too bad my scent could not last all day but that would be hard to make. The liner you should really purchase too, maybe an idea would be to have that paired with the matching mascara, lid fat pencil for underneath or defined smooth narrow one, and liquid eyeliner as an essential naked cacao trio.

Kj M.

Like this!

This is my second time purchasing this product"¦.I like the way it thickens the base of my lashes (I have thin lashes) and I love the smell of chocolate"¦ I also have sensitive eyes and this is one of the few mascaras that does not cause issues for me.

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