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Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Dark Chocolate


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Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Dark Chocolate
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Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Dark Chocolate has a rating of 4.1 stars based on 74 reviews.

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Nicole E.
United States

Long lashes

Makes my lashes look longer and it smells good

Zee Diaz

Nice Dark Brown Color and Metallic Shimmer

I’m used to more fluid and watery liners that are easier to apply and blend to the skin (like a magic maker). At first, I found the consistency of the liner, and the length of the brush rather difficult to work with. It seemed very thick, and would clump if caught by the lashes during application. Something made me vigorously shake it and I’m very glad I did! I forget that natural makeup is never entirely soluble and separation always occurs--got to shake it! Consistency was now more liquid and application was smoother and improved. I can’t do much about the brush length. As mentioned by others, prolonged wear and skin stretching (while rubbing the eye) may cause the dried liner to flake. I do like the color, the light shimmer and the staying power of the liner. It is definitely water proof and long lasting--as long as you don’t rub! I will use it until its empty, but may not purchase again. Since I really like the color metallic dark shimmer, continued use and mastery of application technique may definitely change my mind. I think the formula may work well on a long lasting mascara…

Rachel Charette
Sudbury, Ontario

Amazing eyeliner!

This has got to be the best eyeliner I have ever used. Goes on beautifully and stays on all day. I actually have a hard time washing it off at night, but isn't an issue for me.

Erin M.

Naked Nature Girl - Best Life Rating - Chocolate Color Gorgeous

Buy it now! Absolute Favorite Eye Liner. This is so healthy, your eyes will heal after all the toxins and be relieved from other products. Application is perfection, only noticed some days in summer rarely the 3rd part of the eye lid would come off if it was over a few months old, but just would reapply. I think the formula seems to be fixed now. This glossy look is amazing and it is not too wet at all. It drys and goes on smoother than any felt version available. I alternated this with the black liner with blue eyes and natural glowing skin, the chocolate has a warm subtle shimmer that is just the right amount of wet to move with the lid all day. Perfect for day looks at work, or at home when your lover does not notice your nude look, because it feels so good to put on that coat of mascara just for that touch of beauty to provide that lash lift in chocolate with the matching eye liner, I recommend them stocking a fat shimmer pencil in chocolate for under the lower lashes or a thin creamy one in cacao or bronze and sell as a trio it is well worth the investment, and wish if it were in a trio I could purchase the fun colors for spring/summer with matching color sets. I REALLY am so hooked on the black/brown I have not been able to try the blue and purples yet. I really love this company goes naturally and does not have those fake bright colors, I am such a natural girl and love the naked glow with all the colors. No primer needed to wear this at all on lids. Do not worry about it peeling, just added that so 100% pure could look into it because so far after weeks on this again, no concerns whatsoever. I noticed all other brands at Ulta the colors look so unnatural, make the switch to support this company and try a fun color so I get my chocolate look, they are all naked colors. I think the purple and blue would be nice on brown eyes. I like the black/brown for my blue. Soaks right into the lash line on upper lashes, do not use on lower much so for that perfect natural look, and no harshness you can add a trio pack for a lid pencil. The WAND is so perfect they will NEVER change it so do not bother to ask! The wand applicator is perfection to PAINT your upper lid/lashes as thick as you want & you can keep reapplying the coat if you wanted it thicker but one coat is all that is needed it really soaks in, just be patient and let it dry nice. I have been curling my lashes first, because before I was so excited to use it I would do it after an re-apply once, so make sure you curl first - easy tip but we sometimes forget this! It is moisturizing too, the other brand are beyond gross to use ever again once you try this one in any color. I think the problem with flaking is if you keep putting the product over in a lot of coats, and it seems to be really improved, plus you need to put your cap on tightly to seal! I would love to once in awhile feel so good I could fall asleep in makeup and not to worry, usually I remove mine right away and now I will not. The felt liners at the store just soak in really gross if you look at your eyes and the stiff brushes are not what ANY ARTIST of makeup would ever ask for, try to get used to the wands, you will work magick. The felt ones and the fake formulas really cake if you look at your lid closer i bet under the microscope plenty of decay and debris that is hard to see flaking your skin away. Tried in summer under helmet for adventures, by weather near CO, WY, OR and WI, MN all climates was superb. Wish we could get a store to compete near by, so many people drive to my area in WI to get to the Twin Cities in MN, a store would be great for them to visit us here in the new wrote about Portland of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, town of growing artists.



This is a new buy for me since I usually use stick liners. But this is great. Super easy to put on, the Brown is smooth and chocolate-y, stays on long, comes off easy with a bit of coconut oil (my makeup remover) and no skin irritations. I'm so used to the burn of traditional liquid liners that this change was welcomed.

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