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All About California Seaweed

Shining a spotlight on the benefits of seaweed

Posted on July 28, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®

What Are the Health Benefits of Seaweed?

Seaweed is absolutely packed with vitamins and nutrients, beneficial trace minerals, and plenty of healthy fiber. We love seaweed for these naturally occurring benefits for skin, for hair, and for health. Some types of seaweed have even been marked as containing cancer-fighting agents, making them true contenders as one of the healthiest ingredients in the world!

Seaweed Products

According to the National Ocean Service, “seaweed” is the common name used to identify countless species of marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and a variety of other bodies of water. They range greatly in size, color, and texture, and can even grow in such large ‘forests’ that they overtake entire regions of beaches and shorelines. The most common colors of seaweed are green, brown, red, and black.

We’re traveling down the breathtaking California coast, stalking the beaches for traces of the regional seaweeds that we can’t help but obsess over. Many informed Californians trace these beaches every day, on the lookout for edible seaweeds that they use to fortify their diets with healthy doses of vitamins and minerals. Harvesting these seaweeds is of course not for beginners, as not all seaweeds are edible; in California you’ll need a license to harvest seaweed for this very reason. An excess of certain seaweeds can even cause adverse reactions such as nausea, abdominal pain, and fever. If you do know what you’re looking for and you do have a license, you’ll know that some of the tastiest edible seaweeds to harvest along the California coast are wakame, nori, and bull kelp.

Pacific Coast Kelp and Seaweed Guide

We took a walk down to Pico Creek in Cambria, California with our trusty ocean foraging identification book in tow, to see what types of seaweed and kelp were on-shore. To our surprise there were a ton of different species and couldn’t wait to get down to our field identifying!

Kelp and Seaweed Found:

  • “Brown Seaweed” Laminaria Digitata
  • "Giant Kelp”Macrocystis Pyrifera
  • “Red Algae”Botryoglossum Farlowianum
  • “Eelgrass” Zostera Marina Linnaeus
  • “Carola” Callophyllis
  • “Delicate Sea Lace” Microcladia Coulteri
  • “Splendid Iridescent Seaweed” Mazzaella Splendens
  • “Feather Boa”Egregia
Seaweed Beach

What is Seaweed Collagen?

Our obsession with learning more about the source of our natural beauty products sometimes leads us to unexpected places. Bear with us: nature has literally everything you need to look amazing. That being said, this is why we want to give a shout-out to seaweed collagen. It’s an unexpected beauty heavyweight that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants (great for your body when you eat it in sushi, and also, as it turns out, when you apply it topically). Seaweed collagen packs a punch in a variety of ways, rendering it a star ingredient in products ranging from natural hair masks to natural face cleansers to natural shampoos.

Looking for seaweed collagen packed natural skincare? To reap its remarkable benefits, try one of our ultra hydrating Caffeine Masks, which feature seaweed collagen, aloe juice, and green coffee, for a soothing, anti-inflammatory and ultra hydrating treatment. Seaweed collagen is also fantastic for hair. Try our Moisture Drench Shampoo and Moisture Drench Conditioner for a shower duo that will leave you with deeply moisturized and restored locks. Or try our aptly named Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo for fortified and shiny locks. For smooth, bumpless legs, go with our Pink Grapefruit Seaweed Shaving Cream. Any which way you choose, seaweed is the perfect addition to your shower routine.

Follow our feed to learn how this spectacular ocean plant can pump up your beauty routine this summer! We’ll be posting more tips, tricks, and how-to’s as we travel through California!

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