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How to Use and Make Your Own Lip Scrub

Learn why you need to add a lip exfoliator to your routine, the best lip balms, and try our easy DIY lip scrub recipes!

Posted on December 5, 2017
Written by: 100% PURE®

There are so many steps you can take to keep your pout in prime condition, and for good reason too! Dehydration and aging can cause your precious lips to become a discolored, flakey, and wrinkly mess! Sound like a beauty nightmare? That’s why day to day conditioning with a lip balm is so essential. But you also need a few extra lip prep steps for on-fleek lipstick application; just as your skin needs to be exfoliated to look its best, your lips do too!

Using a lip scrub can slough away flakes, help balance the color of your lips, and even stimulate them to create that perfect full lip look. We’ll walk you through our special lip routines and favorite DIY lip scrub recipes to help keep your lips looking luscious!

100 Pure Lips

Daily Lip Routine

First off, cleanse and exfoliate your skin as usual, but absolutely do NOT use your facial exfoliant on your lips! The skin on your lips is thinner than the skin on your face, and your facial exfoliants are probably too harsh for your delicate lips. Instead, use a lip exfoliator that is specifically made for lips. Using small circular motions, massage a lip scrub into your lips with the tips of your fingers. Rinse off the scrub, then apply one of our organic lip balms to keep lips soft and moisturized. Make sure to drink plenty of water to protect your lips from becoming dry and chapped.

100% Pure Lip Caramels

Prepping for Lipstick

Yes! It’s possible to make your lipstick last with some of these essential lip care and makeup hacks. Don’t blame your lipstick just yet. Prepping your lips beforehand can help your lip color last so much longer, and make your lips look extra divine! Have you ever applied lipstick to dry lips and felt that the color made your dried flakey skin stick out like a sore thumb? What a way to ruin your dream matte lipstick look! We’re going to break down the steps to avoiding this, and how you can achieve the best lipstick application.

  1. Scrub your lips- Using one of the DIY lip scrubs from below, apply to lips with your finger tips and rub in a circular motion for about a minute. Make sure to look in the mirror and smile! This stretches your lips and makes sure you scrub every corner. Rinse off with warm water.

  2. Conceal- Apply concealer to your lips to make color application more vivid. This step isn’t necessary, but it can really up your lipstick game!

  3. Line your lips- Boy, do we wish we knew about natural lip liners before all the things we try now to obtain luscious lips! Lip liner defines lips and helps prevent feathering and bleeding of lipstick. Since you’ve already scrubbed your lips, they should be smooth and allow the lip liner to glide on effortlessly.

  4. Fill with lip liner- We know this sounds a little strange, since you’re going to put a different shade of lipstick on right after, but filling your lips in with lip liner helps to lock lipstick color down and make it last.

  5. Apply lip color- And now the grand finale! Apply your perfect lip shade, and prepare to be amazed at how smoothly and beautifully it goes on.

Winter Lip Care

Winter comes with a whole slew of skincare woes, and our lips are no exception. Cold windy air outdoors and dry warm air from central heating are a recipe for sore, dried lips. They may even be cracking and peeling - yikes! Keep a soothing lip balm handy so you can moisturize on the go. Discover your new lip care best friend from our available lip balms. Just make sure to use a lip exfoliator first for maximum benefits! Play around with some of our lush lip scrub recipes that you can easily make at home - because who said skincare can’t also be creative and fun?

Raw Sugar

Easy Peasy DIY Lip Scrub Recipes

Pop of Color

We like to use a 1 oz jar with 1 tbsp coconut oil, and 1 tbsp organic turbinado (raw cane) sugar. We mixed the two together to form the best scrub consistency. If you want a little tint to your scrub, we recommend adding some of our lip butter to your homemade scrub. After using your new lush lip scrub, you can apply more lip butter directly to the lips for moisturizing and nutrient rich benefits, plus a pop of color.

Super Moisturizer

Mix equal parts jojoba oil and brown sugar; try 1 tbsp of each. Depending on how thick or thin you’d like the consistency to be, you can either add more oil or more brown sugar. Experiment with vanilla extract for a dessert-like taste, or even essential oils like peppermint and citrus. Jojoba is known to help lock moisture into your skin like a magnet, so make sure you rinse with warm water before you start scrubbing!

Cinnamon Lip Plumper

For a lip exfoliator with some lip plumping action, mix 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp brown sugar, and 1 tsp of cinnamon. Apply it on your lips in a circular motion for about one minute and then rinse. Want to bump up the plump factor, and can handle a little heat? Add a pinch of cayenne powder to this recipe! Cinnamon and cayenne slightly irritate the skin and increase blood flow where applied, resulting in temporarily plump lips.

100% Pure Pom Lipsticks

The Power of Pomegranate Oil

One of our most powerful anti aging lip products is our Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipsticks collection. As we age, our lips can lose their fullness due to loss of hyaluronic acid that keep them hydrated, as well as the loss of collagen and elastin - proteins that keep lips full and plump. Pomegranate oil contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage, thus slowing down signs of aging in your lips. Who wouldn’t want a luscious lipstick as their anti-aging sidekick?

Vitamin E

An important antioxidant that we include in all of our lip products is Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to neutralize free radicals, stopping the domino effects of harmful free radicals in their tracks! Vitamin E can also help heal your skin, and is commonly used for scars, stretch marks, and other skin conditions. Our Lip Caramels are a deluxe liquid lipstick that’s packed with vitamin E and makes your lips feel incredibly moisturized.

Lip Butters

Lip Balm

While we’re talking about lip exfoliating and conditioning, we want to give some love to the lip conditioner that can work morning, noon and night. We have four different lip balms for the most dreamy supple lips of your life. Our Organic Mint and Organic Cherry lip balms deeply soften and moisturize with coconut oil and vitamin E. We also have our Lysine and Herb Lip Balm, which can help relieve cold sores, but can be used for anyone who prefers a soothing herbal balm. Lastly, we have our SPF (YES lips need sun protection too!) Lip Balm that contains non nano UVA and UVB Protection and fair trade certified shea butter - perfect for pampering your lips.

Now that you know all about making the most lush lips scrubs and how to use them for the perfect lipstick application, you can share the love! A homemade lip scrub is a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. It’s the perfect personalized gift for any time of the year, since we’re sure everyone always wants their lips to look and feel their very best. Happy scrubbing!

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