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Adding a PM Balm to Your Routine

An overnight balm treatment could be the superstar element missing in your PM routine

 Written by: 100% PURE®
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Overnight balms are saviours for those looking for deep nourishment and more visible results. By allowing balms to set for hours, you’re giving nutrients a chance to deeply penetrate and fully absorb into the skin. Balms, by classification, are water-free, so they won’t absorb as quickly as your standard moisturizer - this means that their rich ingredients could do with a little extra time to absorb.

We’ll take you on a quick tour of our very own nighttime face balm: Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm. We’ll give you an idea of what this anti-aging product is made of, how you should use it, and how it works to serve glorious results for your skin!

What’s In It?


As we mentioned before, balms are made without water; they’re also packed with rich moisturizers and potent vitamins. Our overnight balm is made in a base of softening, fatty-acid rich avocado butter and the classic nourishing superstar, shea butter. We added organic olive oil and organic sunflower seed oil, to help this otherwise solid balm melt into your skin.


Next we added our vitamin trio: retinol, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Any anti-aging product worth your while should include these three powerhouse players, which tackle every major aspect of aging skin. Retinol gently resurfaces to improve texture and diminish wrinkles, vitamin C boosts collagen, elastic, and enhances vibrancy, and vitamin E softens while helping to repair damaged skin

Essential oil

This straightforward formula also includes organic jasmine oil, but not simply for that lovely, light bedtime scent. This floral oil was chosen to help lighten dark spots, and to gently tone the skin.

Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm How to Use an Overnight Balm

Next is the question on everyone’s mind: how do you use a nighttime face balm? First, start with cleansed and toned skin. You can also apply a serum before your balm, but just make sure it’s already been fully absorbed into your skin before you move on. Now, we’ll break down the rest in steps:

  • 1. Pull hair back or braid it - you’ll appreciate this step during the night, when you’re rolling around on your pillow!

  • 2. Scoop a nickel to quarter sized amount of balm onto clean fingertips.

  • 3. Warm and emulsify between your fingers; this will only take a few seconds!

  • 4. Apply a thin layer all over your face and neck. Avoid getting too close to eyes or eyelashes.

  • 5. Lay a towel on your pillow (to avoid oils seeping into your pillowcases), then head off to dreamland! You can leave the balm on your face all night long. Yep, this one is a set-it-and-forget-it formula!

  • 6. When you wake, your balm should be fully absorbed into your skin. If there’s any extra remaining on top of your skin, gently cleanse before following with a broad spectrum facial sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen anywhere you applied the retinol balm!

Hand Spread 2 How Does It Work?

Overnight balms are formulated for two main purposes: deep moisturization, and prolonged penetration of nutrients. These two characteristics are key to a great face balm, and here’s why:

Prolonged moisturization

When you awake the morning after using an overnight balm, the effects will be pretty obvious. First off, PM balms are anti-aging products designed to deliver prolonged, rich, softening agents into the skin. This means they’ll essentially act as an all-night moisturizer, creating a much longer-lasting barrier of moisturization than your typical daytime moisturizer.

Prolonged vitamin absorption

The next benefit of wearing an all-nighter balm is the prolonged dosing of vitamins, that continue to actively work while you sleep. These vitamins are sandwiched between your skin and an active moisture barrier of rich carrier oils and butters - the vehicles that keep them working all night! The potent dose of vegan retinol (2.5% to be exact) is a major element in this process, evidenced by the gentle tingling you’ll feel while you wear this balm. Retinol, along with vitamins E & C, is slowly taken in by your skin with the slow-absorbing carrier oils and butters. The process is much less rapid than the absorption of a water-based product, arguing more intense results when used consistently.

Love our bite-sized product deep dives? Head back and explore more on our blog, for must-know tips that natural skin care junkies will love!

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