Frequently Asked Questions:

"As much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.
They should be consumed with the same prudence that we use to choose our breakfast cereal."
– Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, April 2006 Issue of Women's Health Magazine.

There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders. 100% Pure products are truly 100% pure: no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

We love animals and refuse to support anything that hurts animals which is why none of our formulas are ever tested on animals (everything we use is food grade and does not require testing, whereas chemical ingredients must be tested). All our makeup brushes are from synthetic fibers. No animals were hurt for their fur and no animals were hurt for any of our ingredients (the only animal ingredient we use is cruelty free honey).

Perfumes and fragrances are synthetic chemicals that do not have any medicinal or aroma therapeutic value. 100% Pure products smell delicious because what you smell is real. The wonderful aromas in 100% Pure products are from real fruits, pure essential oils, and pure absolutes. There are never any synthetic fragrances or anything artificial in 100% Pure products.

Thickeners and emulsifiers are considered to be cheap fillers. 100% Pure products are never diluted with water, alcohol, thickeners, emulsifiers or any other "fillers". Instead, 100% Pure products are totally concentrated and perform at optimal level.

Every moment, we are slowly deteriorating. Free radicals such as the sun, smog, smoke, cigarettes, etc. attack us, causing aging, wrinkles, and cancer. Only Antioxidants protect us by fighting off the damaging free radicals. Sun block is important because it blocks up to 80% of UV rays, but sun block does not protect against other free radicals. Your skin needs antioxidants for sun protection and protection against all damaging free radicals.

On each product, there is an open jar symbol with a number on it. That number indicates how long you can use the product once it is opened. Rather than using chemical preservatives, we use natural preservatives and anti-bacterial herbs. 100% Pure has several other unique proprietary technologies that distinguish the company from competitors. We use unique technology to stabilize active ingredients from oxidizing and also have a proprietary 100% natural preservative system, using Japanese Honeysuckle, Thyme, Oregano, Goldenseal, Rosemary, Lavender and a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, to preserve all products.

There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders. 100% Pure products are truly 100% Pure. That means there are no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. Truly health food for your skin.

Because 100% Pure does not contain harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin, they are perfect for sensitive skin.

Fruit pigments are what makes strawberries red, what makes blueberry skin blue - fruit pigments are fruit colors. All 100% Pure cosmetics are colored from fruit and vegetable pigments. All the antioxidants and vitamins are found in the pigments. 100% Pure fruit pigmented patent-pending technology takes those healthy fruit pigments and puts it into our cosmetics. That is why we have blackberry mascara (mascara colored from blackberries), pomegranate wine lip gloss (lip gloss colored from red wine and pomegranate) and cranberry cheek tint (cheek tint colored from cranberries). The great thing with 100% Pure fruit pigmented cosmetics is that you'll be applying all the healthy fruit antioxidants and fruit vitamins directly onto your skin.

Our shower gels do not contain water, gums, thickeners, emulsifiers, or any other cheap fillers. However, they are very foaming and work best with a bath net sponge!

Most of our products are gluten free. We are sensitive to this since we know many people suffer from gluten allergies. One common ingredient that contains gluten is Vitamin E. But the Vitamin E we use is gluten free because it's derived from cold pressing rice bran.

We only use the best, most organic ingredients in all of our products. Refining ingredients cause them to lose all nutrients and minerals. Therefore, all of our ingredients are completely unrefined and contain all of their natural benefits!

The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are not nano particles. Our sunscreen is a physical sunblock which means it sits on top of the skin to physically protect against the sun. If they were nano particles, they would absorb into the skin, therefore be in-effective sunblock. Every batch of our sunblock is tested by a third party lab to ensure a minimum stated SPF.

Since 100% Pure products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulfates or harsh detergents, artificial fragrances or colors, phthalates, 100% Pure is safe for kids to use.

Shipping FAQs

FedEx tracking numbers have 12 digits and can be tracked at Fedex's website.

Ie. 1234-5678-9012

USPS tracking numbers have 22 digits and can be tracked at USPS's website.

Ie. 1234567890123456789012

The shipping method is determined by the weight of the package. Lighter packages are generally shipped with USPS and heavier ones with FedEx. There are exceptions when the package is being shipped to a PO Box, APO, DPO, or FPO address.

USPS recently updated their shipping policy to reflect their new estimated transit times to deliver a package across the nation. This is not the same as expediting. This shows the amount of days USPS estimates for packages to be delivered via standard shipping.

Once orders are processed, tracking numbers are automatically emailed in the shipment confirmation when labels are printed and will associated with the package. When the tracking number is tracked online, you can see the current transit status for the package. There are 3 main tracking statuses: label created, In transit, Delivered.

If the status is “label created” – (FedEx) or “pre-shipment” – (USPS), it means a label has been created for your order but it has not yet been picked up / shipped.

The status will be updated to “In Transit” once the package has been scanned into the FedEx system after pick up. During special promotions and holidays, it can take an extra day or two to be scanned into the system.

The “in-transit” status appears after the package has been picked up and scanned into Carrier’s system at their facility.

It will continue to show “In Transit” throughout the entire journey to the final destination where the last scan will update the status to “Delivered”.

Please note that there is no visibility for really light USPS packages that are under 1lb and shipped via First Class. Tracking for these packages will generally show when it was shipped and when it was delivered. Sometimes errors occur during transit due to insufficient information, weather conditions, unable to deliver, etc. When these errors occur, the tracking page will show that there is a “delivery exception” and delivery may be delayed.

The following are examples of “delivery notifications” : When there is an exception for an “incorrect address”, it means that there may be a misspelling, missing information, or the apartment/ suite number is incorrect.

If you see that there is a notice for incorrect address and we have not contacted you, you can contact our Brand Ambassadors at

Once the address has been corrected, the carrier will re-attempt delivery the next business day. When there is an exception for “customer not available or business closed”, it means that delivery was attempted but the final destination was closed or the recipient was unavailable. The carrier will attempt delivery the next business day.

When there is an exception for “unable to deliver, returned to shipper”, it means that the recipient has moved, package cannot be forwarded to the new location, or 2-3 delivery attempts were unsuccessful. When this happens, the carrier will initiate the return back to the sender (100% Pure).

Carriers often provide an estimated delivery date to show when a package is projected for delivery. These estimates often change depending on current weather or road conditions.
Please make sure to check the tracking number often to make sure that it is moving. If you still have not received your package after a week from the estimated delivery date, please let us know by contacting or 415-814-9788.

  • Checking around the yard/house.
  • Checking with neighbors.
  • Checking with the carrier.
Often times carriers will leave packages in places where they think will be safest. (ie. Inside an open garage, besides a bush, etc.)
Sometimes deliveries may be made to the wrong location. (ie. Down the street, next door, etc.) If the above does not help locate your package, please try contacting the carrier or contact us at or 415-814-9788.
Carriers may update a tracking number in advance the day that it is projected for delivery.


If your tracking number shows that the package has been delivered but you have not received it, please try the following:

  • Has the package shipped?
    • If the tracking has not updated, it might mean the package hasn’t yet been picked up.
      • Orders are generally processed and shipped on the same day unless an unexpectedly successful promotion occurs.
      • Our daily pickups are generally towards the end of the day.
      • Tracking information will be updated once the packages have been scanned into the system at the hub.
      • Please note that there is no visibility for USPS First Class packages. Tracking for these packages will generally show when it was shipped and when it was delivered.
      • There is step by step tracking for USPS Priority packages, but does not always update immediately.
      • If the tracking has updated and suddenly stopped, it might be caused by a delay (weather, traffic, etc) which should resume within a day or so.
      • If you cannot track your package a few days after you have received the shipping confirmation, please contact us by emailing or call us at 415-814-9788.

If the tracking has updated and suddenly stopped but does not continue updating within a day or two, it can mean:

  • Package is stuck and requires further assistance. (incorrect/ missing address).
  • Package is damaged or lost.

Purist Perks FAQs

This is our way of showing our appreciation. You’ll earn points for activities on our site, like referrals and purchases. You can use them to earn discounts off purchases, so the more you collect the more you save.

Anyone with an account, and has logged in by clicking the login button, is automatically enrolled. Of course you may checkout as a guest but you will not receive Purist Points.

You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including referring friends, and making purchases. To see all the ways you can earn points click the Earn Points tab in the menu.

Yes. For every dollar you spend you get a Purist point. So reward yourself in more ways than one.

You refer a friend, you get 300 points when your friend makes a purchase. Your friend, who you refer, gets $30 off their first purchase. Minimum $60 purchase.

This Refer a Friend Charter Membership that runs from November 11th thru December 11th 2015, so get on it! You've got 30 days to refer as many friends as you can and get 300 points each when they complete a transaction. They'll love you for it.

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can! Be as beautiful & pure as you can be.

p>Your point balance is on every page in the top bar.

Select the tab called Redeem Points. Here you’ll see all the perks we offer. If you have enough points, you can redeem them for a perk. NOTE - An accompanying product must be in the cart to checkout with your Purist Perk item.

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can! Be as beautiful & pure as you can be.

You, or someone you referred, cancelled or returned a purchase.

Yes. If you don't redeem any points in the 12 months following your first purchase they'll expire. Sweetheart, you have basically two years to be more glamorous using Purist Perks.

Of course. We'd love to see you in person.

Yes. You need to requalify each year for every new reward level Glow, Glimmer, Glam. Thats OK, you'll thank us for it.

  • Approved: These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately
  • Pending: These points are need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals
  • Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)

Your pending points will become cancelled and will be removed from your account.

You, or someone you referred, cancelled or returned a purchase.

It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your transaction and provide your points.

Not directly - please redeem your points for a voucher which can then be applied during checkout.

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued.

Just contact us and we'll re-enroll you. However, your point total will begin from zero.

Please contact

No, we're sorry. Our lawyers won't let us. Purist Points will start accumulating November 11th 2015.